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Hello, reader! I am Mary Madeline, Mary Mad for short, MM for real-short. I am a twenty-three-year-old girl seeking an authentic, life-giving Jesus in this image-obsessed and polarized age.

I am really serious about laughter. I’m also serious about talking about taboo & controversial topics in a constructive manner! So hit me up for those things if you are so compelled. God did not mold me to be an even-kill, and I’m learning to be okay with that.

Quick history of my life if you care:

  • The Mississippi Delta, the birthplace of the blues and Koolaid pickles, is my birthplace.
  • I am a graduate of the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, which is a public boarding school, where, ironically, I began a love affair with the humanities.
  • I graduated from Mississippi State University in 2020. I studied cognitive psychology, and I liked it a lot but I don’t use it much at the moment. I’m still figuring out what I’m doing career-wise, but I love writing, and I am pursuing that for now.
  • I came to know Christ at age fourteen, when I was radically exposed to my desperate need of scandalous grace.
  • I love, love, love RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), and it’s where I’ve formed the closest and most rewarding relationships in college, (though I’m not necessarily reformed myself.)
  • I am married to the best man ever, Kyle Schumpert. (Fun fact: I once told him that he would “never find a girlfriend, much less a wife.” Joke is on me!)
  • We live in Birmingham, AL, where he attends Beeson Divinity School, and I work a day-job as a nanny.
  • I am currently writing a book! Click on the “about my book” page to read more about that.

If you have any questions about life, if you want to reach out about anything or meet up, email me at mmschumpert@gmail.com or connect with me on social media.

Instagram: @earth_to_mm     Twitter: @merrymadmen

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